Trip to Mavulis

How to Go.

It is boat ride of 5 hours from Pagganaman Port in Itbaya passing through several unpopulated islands of Philippines such as Siayan, Ditarem, Ali and Misanga at the last piece of land at the northern tip of the archipelago.

Why should Not Go.

If you are weak at heart, then keep away from this trip. Not to mention some giant waves can become painful, sometimes heavy. One surprising or sudden shift in wind magnitude and direction could immediately turn your boat wrecked. And you can reach at an unknown place in huge sea. There are no shopping malls, no clubs, and no fast food restaurants. If you are looking for that kind of fun then this Island is not for you, so just leave Mavulis alone.

Why should Go.

If you are a crazy tourist and you want a risky tour, then you should visit this place at least for one time in your life. There are a lot of things to do and see in this Island, swimming on the beaches, fishing, but best of all, it is a beautiful place to reflect and admire nature.

As the boat began to move away from the massive cliffs of Itbayat to go into the waters connect Bashi and Balintang Channel, huge waves start to pound our tiny boat. Unlike in most parts of the country, boats in Batanes do not have beam, and this proved to be more effective in this deceptive body of water.

Like a leaf thrown into a river, boat oscillates with the waves. Island, slowly appearing on the horizon, are easily recognized by their rough terrain symbolize by grass-laden pointed peaks jutting out in every corner. Various species of fish, from small palm-sized to as large as our boat, reveal their colours as they swim near the surface. These along with countless flocks of seabirds that proudly dominate the bright blue sky guide our way to the unknown world.

Unlike most of the islands of Philippines that comprise the town of Itbayat, this Island boasts a long stretch of perfect fine white sand beach instantly increasing under the shadows of a towering dark basaltic steep, wonderfully dressed by grasses and shrubs. There are no specific trails, no traces of cattle or any large mammals. The low forests of the island are reign by “Tatus” or “Coconut crabs”.

The breath-taking view seen on the top of the northern peak do not deny the fact that the striking rays of the sun will directly above you. The sky is almost free from of clouds and there are no trees to provide you shelter from the heat.

The main thing about this Island is that this is aside from awful scenery, amazing culture, it is still in pristine condition and has not been destroy by mass tourism like in other places of the country.

Tips you should keep in mind before traveling to this Island.


There are different seasons you can select by your choice.

  • Rainy season from July-November with strong rainfall (Not Recommended).
  • Never try to go during the winter season (November to March).
  • Plan a trip between April to July, but June is the best time to go.
  • Spending a night in Mavulis (Not recommended). Sudden changes in wind intensity and direction can be trapped on the island. Always keep in your mind that, Island is uninhabited, there is no source of food and water.
  • Spending a night in Siayan is recommended if the weather is favourable and also keep checking of weather forecast during your trip.


Bring these things with you.


  • Bring your personal medicines and also bring insect repellent and the vaccination for incest if emergency cases.
  • Hiking shoes
  • Food and drinks
  • Umbrella
  • Bring Cash compulsory because mostly ATM Cards or Credit Cards are not accepted and used.
  • Sunblock and sunglasses.
  • Warm clothes like Jacket, sweater or a scarf to protect from the cold during the winter months.
  • As there are no facilities like electricity so bring extra batteries for the camera and memory cards because you will never tire from photography.
  • Mobile phone and your chargers.
  • Passports for foreigners and valid IDs for identification for locals.
  • Some material for time passes like a book to read while you wait for boats and flights.
  • Water resistant bag to keep your valuables from getting wet.
  • Love for the environment and loads of courage.

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