Beaches you should Visit in the Philippines

Boracay is a blessed white Island in the Philippines.

Boracay has three sections.

Station 1: The northernmost Section – Famous for his widest white beachfront and for expensive resorts and hotels.

Section 2: The centre of White Beach is for the entertainment of people like to eating, shopping, and party.

If you want to spend time alone then Section 3 is best for you.

Boracay Island has been received an award of the best island in the world by Yahoo and TripAdvisor. Tourists come here from all over the world.

Because during Amihan season (November to May) the waters off White Beach are calm and when the northeastern winds blow then tourism is at its peak during these months, but conditions reverse during the rainy season, when the Habagat or monsoon winds blow.


Coron is one of my favorite beaches you should visit. It is the most stunning and breath-taking beaches in the Philippines are found in Palawan. If you visit Coron, you will see amazing lagoons you never imagined. It feels like you are within a paradise forest. Its water so clear, blue, some green yet so shallow. You will be surprised by its coral reefs and Rocky Mountains.

Coron tells all how wonderful and rich the Philippines is with nature’s wonder. A lot of the sea, islands and spots would tell you about history, too. FYI, amazing Japanese shipwrecks of World War II are under its super clear water. In fact, Forbes Traveler Magazine has listed these wrecks among the Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Sites in the World.

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